Microsoft - London

26 - 27 June 2014

"The event is aimed at those involved in magazine media product development, innovation, marketing and strategy"

The FIPP Innovations Forum is a two day hands-on seminar focused entirely on what and how to innovate in magazine media publishing across all platforms and channels.

Based on the five-year research collaboration between FIPP and Innovation Media Consulting to create the annual FIPP Innovations in Magazine Media World Report, the two-day Innovations Forum will select some of the best case studies and methods applied to innovate magazine media brands in print and digital. The FIPP Innovations Forum will initially outline 'the innovators' dilemma' - how and what to innovate within a company, whether it be incrementally, radically or in a transformative way. Secondly, the FIPP Innovations Forum will present: 'meet the innovators' - key innovative figures will tell their stories in detail and share best practice with results and reflections. Finally, the event will review the best innovations in magazine media from the past five years from all over the world, with a specific focus on those which increased reach, relevance and revenue.

In the lead up to the Innovation Forum, John Wilpers, Senior Director, INNOVATION Media Consulting USA, and author of Innovations in Magazine Media 2014 World Report, shared his views on how businesses are innovating and what’s motivating them today. It will offer you with good understanding of what to expect at the FIPP Innovation Forum.

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Event Venue:
Microsoft Limited

80 Victoria Street


United Kingdom


Innovation Inspiration

The FIPP Innovations Forum will showcase and demonstrate the best innovative ideas from magazine media companies all over the world. See below for some of the best examples of media innovation, which all feature in FIPP’s Innovations in Magazine Media World Report.
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